To promote Medibank's Fan Fit program, we were tasked to create two interactive experiences for their installation at the Australian Open.

With so many other sponsors setting up similar installations, we wanted ours to look and feel different. Being tired of seeing tennis experiences that felt like unpolished simulations, we decided on an art direction that was bold and felt inherently 2D.

We paired the simplified illustration-style design with playful animation to create an experience that felt different and instantly fun.

EYE-Sight test

The first experience we had to design was a basic linesman test. It had to be quick and fun like a short arcade mini-game. Through rigorous testing we found a good balance of pace and kept the game to roughly a minute. Through directional speakers and slow motion replays, we were able to build drama and excitement for each player.

Reaction test

The second experience was a reaction test. As a fan, the aim of the game was to catch as many tennis balls as you can in 30 seconds. This was done using a Kinect sensor, which fired tennis balls towards the user and got progressively harder. It was quite a challenge to make the experience feel natural. We had to test quite a lot to make sure the catching action was intuitive and responsive. We experimented with lots of different ways to teach the user to know when the virtual ball was in contact with their virtual hand.