Telstra, Australia's leading Telecommunications Company, set out to create a unique retail experience of the future. 400 George Street is Telstra’s flagship store and most technologically advanced store in Australia. Based in a beautiful heritage building, the architecture was completely remodelled and fitted with the latest technology.

Working closely with our Creative Director, I had the pleasure of leading a team of 11 designers. We built our team with designers from all over the world, including the UK, Germany, Russia, Argentina, Macedonia and Canada. Together we created 9 unique experiences throughout the store, playing with a host of new tech such as large format touch tables, object recognition, NFC and a two storey high screen.





This was the signature experience. Working closely with our Head of UX, we developed ‘Sandbox’ which allows users to explore the latest mobile handsets by simply placing a device on the table. Through object detection, the relevant UI unpacks and you can explore the phone’s features. The fun part comes when you introduce multiple devices on the Sandbox. This brings up a comparison mode, where the user is able to compare different features from multiple devices through third party reviews ie. Which phone has the better camera, or longer battery life etc. 

We worked very hard to create an experience that encourages exploration and is delightful to touch. Our philosophy was that there were no error messages, or wrong ways to do things. Every interaction or gesture had a response and there were multiple ways to get things done.




NFC enabled cards allowed users to save any information throughout the store by simply tapping their card on a reader and take it home with them to access remotely. Users can save specific information about a device, or a phone plan they’re interested in, downloadable apps, promotional offers or even keep a record of the store attendants that helped them throughout the day.

Members of the staff also had NFC enabled tablets, where they can scan a customer’s Tap and Take card to bring up the information they have been saving.




Rather than just having a wall of products with price points, we created this accompanying tablet application that allowed users to explore in-depth information about any product, along with accessories and plans. The application was developed with a CMS, so it can be updated quickly as new products arrive. Again this is Tap and Take enabled so if the user is interested in a product, they can tap their card and review it at home or go to a staff member to complete the purchase.




These interactive content pillars serves up dynamic content based on entertainment, music, sport, news and tech. We had to design a solution that would cater to a wide variety of content including top 10 music and movie charts, Telstra’s promoted events such as Katy Perry’s concert tour, movie trailers with live session times, and live content relating to upcoming sporting events.




This was the tech support area of the store and we needed a way to display appointments, queuing order, services and upcoming workshops. This was one of the few non-interactive installations in the store, so we had to rely on design and motion to afford meaning and clarity.




With a project of this scale and with such a wide variety of experiences, it was crucial to be meticulous in the planning and pre-production stage. We treated it almost like we were creating an operating system that needed to work on a variety of circumstances. We needed consistency and quality control so we created detailed guidelines, shared asset libraries, processes for multiple designers working in tandem, and motion prototypes etc. 

In terms of UX, we wanted everything to be a pleasant and delightful experience. We rewarded exploration and created responses for any number of possible interactions. We created responses to edge case scenarios, and anything else that you could think of like random object detection. On top of that, hours and hours of testing.

This was a truly wonderful project to be a part of, and a thrilling challenge!