'PACKED BIKE' Experiment

This was an experiment to see if I could come up with new ideas in a different way.

I wanted to try starting with a single sketch and let it develop organically by letting each step inspire the next, and see where it ended up. I started by drawing the motorbike as an outline, and then the packed items on top, which then inspired the rider and so on until the image was complete.

Piece by piece a story was slowly forming. This project occurred over several sessions, whenever I had spare time, and each sitting took me to a different place.

I explored many different shading styles before landing on this coloured-pencil type look. I moved in and out from more graphic layouts to something that painted a realistic composition. I quickly found issues with composition, having decided to deliberately not plan it in advance :)

I fell into playing with textures and collage to try to mix things up. I really enjoyed the freedom of having spent lots of time on an illustration that I liked and then trying to destroy it without any baggage. This was a very freeing experience. The whole point was to let my subconscious take me wherever it wanted to.

Overall, I think it was pretty successful. I learnt a lot about what I liked to do and what I didn't, as well as pitfalls to avoid. It also sparked some ideas of how a story could develop around this character and setting.

Here are my favourite three images, and below that is a selection of some of the experiments that didn't make the cut (there was probably double or even triple the amount of iterations that didn't make the cut).

The journey