Aslan patterns
for little yawn

I was commissioned to contribute two designs for Little Yawn's new season based on the theme of Narnia. Little Yawn is known for being an ethical, and sustainable children's design brand that supports local business, so of course I said 'Yes'!

I was tasked with designing a repeatable pattern and a single pillow design based on the character Aslan. It had to be black and white, but other than that, I was given quite a lot of freedom and was encouraged to interpret it in my own way. What an amazing brief!



This pattern was based on a chapter in the book where Aslan, runs down a hill towards the battle. The author used this scene to really describe how powerful and majestic he was. To me Aslan was both regal and fierce. I wanted the illustration style to be like an old etching, but have the pattern to look very graphic. I thought this would suit the Scandinavian sensitivities of the Little Yawn brand. 


Roaaaar! Pillow

For the pillow design, I wanted to make it more fun and playful. I tried to make something that a kid would like. I could imagine a kid putting their head on the lion, with it's mane sticking out and the speech bubble coming out of the kid's mouth.