Agent A: A Puzzle in disguise

Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise, is a puzzle based game set in the golden age of intrigue and espionage by independent game studio Yak&Co, headed by Mark White and Jason Rawlings.

I was brought in early and asked to design the characters as well as build out the rest of the world based on the early in-game art style. Inspired by artists like Shag and early James Bond films, the design style is reminiscent of the era, along with the fashion, buildings, vehicles and furniture.

My illustrations were then brought to life by talented animator Keith Crawford, who put his own style and flavour into the story.

The game itself is awesome and has been doing really well on the charts. Agent A is available for download on iOS and will soon be available on Android! Play it now and don't you dare skip the cut scenes!!! :)

My Role - Character design, Storyboarding, Colour scripting, Illustration

Winner - Game of the Year AGDA 2016
Winner - Excellence in Art AGDA 2016
Winner - Apple's best of 2015
Winner - 
PAX Indie Showcase 2015

Apple's Editors Choice in 30 countries
Best New Game in over 100 countries
App store #6 Top charts


Intro animation

Character designs

Key shots

Close up of Ruby's house

Storyboard - Key frame illustrations